Wednesday 18 March 2015

Lifeguard Homecare is just a phone call away !!!

Hello everyone in Brantford, Paris, Burford, St. George, Mt. Pleasant, Haldimand Norfolk, Woodstock and beyond!  I think spring is finally around the corner!

This is my first blog posting.......with Lifeguard now in it's 11th year of operation in Brant County things can get a little hectic, which doesn't leave a lot of time for social networking ...

If you are looking around to see what services or residential options are available in Brant County, or beyond, give us a call.. I often can provide helpful hints to those seeking solutions and it would be my pleasure to speak to you without any obligation on your part.

Keep in mind that Home care in Ontario is not a government regulated service...yet, so 'buyer beware'.  You should do your homework if looking at Agencies and Retirement Homes.  Don't be afraid to contact  the local Health Unit as they may have some helpful tip for you.

Please ensure that service providers you are considering are fully insured, background checked and reputable!! Ask around and see what others have to say. Beware of 'Virtual offices' that may try to leave you with the impression that they operate locally, but in fact coordinate their services from a long distance away.  Quality in home care is all about having your 'ear to the ground' , and delivering constant support to clients and staff, and managing people well.

There is currently a shortage of qualified health care personnel in our area, so if you are planning to hire directly, please be careful to screen  individuals carefully.

Lifeguard Homecare is not a franchise.  We are a full service home care agency operating independently with managing partners born and raised in Brantford.  Our focus is to provide high quality health care services, from companions to Registered nurses,  as needed and  when needed  without a long term commitment.

If you are trying to access-coordinate in home services for yourself or a loved one, here are some suggestions:

CCAC funded support should be your first consideration.  If your parent or loved -one qualifies, this service will be funded through your tax dollars.  This funded service will need to be authorized based on eligibility criteria, with the assessment conducted  by a CCAC Case manager.  To arrange for this please contact the CCAC  office in Brantford @ 519 759 7752.

If you have completed  an assessment, and a determination has been made that additional services are required, give us a call as we can help you fill in the gap that remains.

Lifeguard is an approved service provider to Veterans Affairs Canada and the Alzheimer Society of Brant.  We understand how the system works, and frequently we can assist our clients in reducing the cost of their home care services by approx 35%, making it less expensive to access our services than hiring an individual directly, and, you and your family will have the peace of mind knowing that we have background checked and fully insured  the staff coming in to your residence.  Additionally, we manage the care, so if your regular worker falls ill, or for whatever reason cannot come in for their regularly scheduled shift, we will ensure a qualified individual takes their place, so your plans do not need to be canceled, or miss a day at work.

I will be updating these posts as frequently as time allows.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly here at the office , 519 753 2552, x 1.

It would be my pleasure to 'pay it forward'!!

Talk to you soon,

Heidi Smith,
(mom, grandmother of 3 lovely little people, as well as President of Lifeguard Homecare)