Friday 22 January 2016

Taking pride in delivery of Quality Care

Happy New Year!!

Hopefully 2016 Brings a 'Wealth of Health' to you and everyone you care about.

For those of you considering using a  home care agency, please be aware that the home care industry in Ontario is not regulated.  So..........  make sure you ask a lot of questions when checking into potential local  agencies  to use  in your area.

Things to ask:

  • If your loved one is already receiving CCAC funded care, ask your Case Manager for a few names of other reputable firms in the area.
  • Try to speak with  Discharge Planning at the hospital, and ask trusted friends in the community for their suggestion.
  • Ask the agency if they have a clinical director (Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse) who sets standards
  • does the Agency employ Staff directly or do they use Independent Contractors ( direct Employees tend to be more accountable)
  • Ask what type and how much insurance the agency has
  • Ask how they screen their Employees

Unfortunately all too often we receive calls from family members in an emergency who are  using another agency,  indicating that due to a sick call, they are unable to cover the  shift as scheduled, resulting with  the family member  missing  a day of work, or an important appointment.

  • Lifeguard Homecare guarantees in most cases to ensure continuous coverage, barring extreme weather conditions.  If a Lifeguard staff member calls in too ill to attend their shift, it is our policy to provide  a RPN or RN without additional charge.  That is our commitment to our clients.

I hope the above tips are helpful.

Should you ever need to touch base with me concerning care and TLC for your loved one, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Lifeguard, now in our 12th year of serving Brantford and the surrounding community.  519 753 2552 x 1

Best wishes to you all,

Heidi Wilmot Smith