Monday, 8 February 2016

Are you paying too much for home care?

I recently stopped in to visit  a new client who finally had decided to call Lifeguard Homecare for help, because she had become frustrated  and overwhelmed with many problems cause by managing staff she had hired directly though a variety of classified ads.

Some of the problems involved staff not showing up consistently, staff becoming 'too familiar' in some of their comments and knowledge of her affairs, and, she felt uncomfortable indicating when she was dissatisfied, worrying that staff would leave her without the support she needed. etc.

This client had also become concerned with what might happen if something in her home was broken or stolen, or if one of these individuals physically became hurt on her property.  Would her home owners insurance be at risk?

When I informed her that it is actually less expensive to use a bonded, insured  and transparent agency such as Lifeguard Homecare by utilizing the' Disability Tax Credit,'  she could not believe it.

I explained how there are rebates for people such as herself requiring personal support services, and, based on her being approved for the Disability Tax Credit, showed her how the hourly cost of service was actually going to be roughly 30 per cent less than what she had been paying privately. As such, clients can often qualify to get a significant portion of our charges back through a tax rebate system.

She was also assured when I told her that  Lifeguard Homecare, a fully insured agency,  operates  in compliance with all Provincial business requirements.

And... best of all our direct staff  employees are managed by need to have to cancel plans because your worker calls in sick, we ensure you are covered in accordance with your support needs on the day that you need it!! We guarantee coverage barring severe weather conditions.

Because we manage our employees, our clients have the  the ability to sit back, relax, and focus on more important things, including their own path back to wellness!

Kind wishes to all!.

Heidi Smith


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