Friday, 19 February 2016

The Value of  a Lifetime of Experience........

I often get phone calls here at the office asking me for staff pricing.

The truth of the matter is that in Brantford, quality health care staff are in high demand.
Bonded, insured, credentialed  staff  will be competitively priced, all things being equal....

The Lifeguard  Lifetime Experience difference

Lifeguard is not a franchise.  Because of this our advantage is we have lower overhead, and we can put that funding back into our staff and staff training,.  We are also locally owned and managed. Having a local presence in the community is important when the focus needs to be placed on maintaining quality service delivery.

When we hire our staff we look for individuals who have not just the  relevant diploma, but who have  accumulated a wealth of common sense brought on through years of experience'.  For example, someone who understands how to do a load of laundry without turning 'white sheets into pink sheets'. and, can they turn out a decent Shepherd's pie?

The ideal Lifeguard staff member is someone who can 'see around corners', trying to avoid problems before they actually happen. Remember what your Grandmother used to tell you? 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?'

Your instincts will let you know you have the correct worker, generally within the first 30 minutes of service. Do you feel relaxed?  Is the focus on you.... not their cell phone? Are they professional?  Can they communicate well and understand the expected goal of their visit? It helps if somehow they bring to mind elements of   'Mary Poppins,  Mrs Doubtfire .... as well as your Mom  and know, those intangible impressions  we refer to as ' the warm and fuzzies'.

For all of your care needs, whether  'in home, in facility, or in hospital', call us here at Lifeguard... now in our 12th year delivering quality  home support service in Brantford and Brant County.

Heidi Smith
President, Lifeguard Homecare
519 753 2552 x 1,
After hours, 519 750 8636

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